Bloody Jack 3!

Jolly Roger5 of 5 stars!

Under the Jolly Roger brings Jacky once more in the service of the King when she’s press-ganged into the uneasy crew of HMS Wolverine. A lecherous captain, a cowed crew and a dangerous mission test Jacky to the max. And then there’s her old enemy the bodysnatcher on board as well. Enough danger for several books! But, remember; they’re dealing with Bloody Jack!

Again, pure delight!


Bloody Jack does it again!

Blue tattoo 5 of 5 stars!

Book One was absolutely delightful, but could author L.A. Meyer do it again? The answer is YES!

In The Curse of the Blue Tattoo, Jacky is left in Boston (1805) in the care of Miss Pym in her Peabody School for Young Ladies. Catching up to the other young ladies is going to be tough, but Jacky is game if only for the sake of making her beloved Jaime proud. But Jacky’s irrepressible nature will win out, and soon she’s in a pack of trouble from all sides.

Again, narrator, Kellgren brings her incredible talent to make all the characters come to life. I finished this 2 weeks ago. On to Book 3: Under the Jolly Roger.

I Love Bloody Jack!

BloodyJack5 of 5 stars
Bloody Jack?  Bloody marvelous!  I loved this book!  Plucky and up to any challenge, Mary “Jacky” Faber escapes the body snatchers of 1803 London and, disguised as a boy, gains a berth as a ship’s boy aboard the HMS Dolphin. The rest is pure delight, especially if you listen (and it begs to be heard) to Katherine Kellgren’s wonderful narration. Can’t wait to listen to book 2!”>View all my reviews</a>