About Pamela Aidan

Pamela Aidan is the pen name of the author of the acclaimed series Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman and Young Master Darcy and other works of fiction.

Pamela was born near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and grew up in the greater Philadelphia area (Montgomery County-for those familiar with the area!). After college she moved around the country living in Minnesota, Illinois, Georgia and finally Idaho where she lives with her husband in Coeur d’Alene. Together, they have six children (three each from previous marriages) and, at the moment, six grandchildren who, along with their parents, they adore. Presently, Pamela is also the director of a public library in a small neighboring town just over the border in Washington. She and her husband also own and run Wytherngate Press, a small press based on a Print-On-Demand publishing model, since 2003.

Well, now that the formalities have been observed, welcome to my blog!

Questions for which I have some answers:

Are you ever going to make good on your promise of Book 4?

Yes! I am in the process this very moment. It begins in early 1814 and end sometime in 1815 and will center on Darcy & Elizabeth and Georgiana & Dy Brougham. Supporting cast will include Colonel Fitzwilliam and Lady Sylvanie, as well as others from Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s families causing trouble or joy as the case may be. 

Will you be writing more Young Master Darcy books?

Yes, although they will take a back seat to writing Book 4 of FD,G.  The next YMD will take place in April of 1798 with Mr. Darcy’s promised trip to Rosings. Fitz and Richard together running tame all about Rosings under Aunt Catherine’s imperious eye–what fun! 

Are you going to JASNA 2012 in New York City?

At this point, I don’t know about 2012, but, I can say that I’m planning on Minneapolis in 2013 ( 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice) and Montreal in 2014.

Are you available for conferences, chats, etc.?

I’d love to take part in conference programs, writing workshops, book clubs, discussion groups, etc. Please contact me at pamela_aidan@hotmail.com or through wytherngatepress@gmail.com. I’ve also done phone chats with book clubs and find that works out well. 

Does Wytherngate Press accept manuscripts?

Yes, we do. Our purpose is to bring worthy literary works into publication that may not meet the highly-charged marketing criteria of the major publishing houses. Although we have only published Austen fiction to this point, we are VERY interested in other genres. Please go to http://www.wytherngatepress.com for more information.

More questions? Comment on the blog or send me an email and watch for the answer here!


8 thoughts on “About Pamela Aidan

  1. cricketmuse says:

    I’ve just discovered your Fitzwilliam Darcy series and I am spending my long weekend enjoying the first one (being it was checked out and I had to wait my turn on the request list).
    Being an Austen fan I’m always seeking out aspects of Jane: I delighted in the series Lost in Austen, but haven’t warmed up to zombies and such with Austen’s characters.

    Truthfully, I’m a bit reluctant when it comes to fanfiction (there is that sordid side to it, ahem), and there is that snarky thought of: “Writing on the coattails of another author’s success, are we?”; however, I commend you on the strength of your writing. Your book truly stands on its own, since it’s obvious you’ve done research on the time period and have included nuances in social and political elements to give your story authenticity.

    As a creative writing teacher I will be discussing fanfiction and will use your books as an example of how that forum can be done well and be considered literary. Your back of the book inclusions were insightful, and congratulations on your own Mr. Darcy.
    Happy Pages

    • Pamela Aidan says:

      Dear CricketMuse,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words! Your commendations are so encouraging. Please, may I know where you are teaching? A professor at Eastern WA University is using my work as examples (good ones!) as well.


  2. Janella says:

    Yea, I am super excited to find out you are writing Book 4. I loved that series and look forward to reading Young Master Darcy as well.

  3. Lisa says:

    Just found your FD,G series last month! I am your newest fan! Thank you so much for your books! I have really enjoyed them – I love the “behind the P&P scenes” view. We know that Mr. Darcy must be a very complicated and richly woven character, and I am so glad that you created this series. And I’m thrilled you are writing book 4 because I MUST know more about Dy! I found the books in the library, and they are now at the top of my Christmas wish list!

    • Pamela says:

      Dear Lisa,

      That’s wonderful news! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. While you’re waiting, I hope you dig into two other outstanding Austen authors that shouldn’t be missed: Susan Kaye’s Frederick Wentworth, Captain series and Laura Hile’s Mercy’s Embrace series.

      Best wishes until I hear from you again!

  4. Monday Girl says:

    So glad to have found your blog, Ms. Aidan. Now I can let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed the Fitzwilliam Darcy series (I even blogged about you: http://kittheelmarvel.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/pride-prejudice-pamela-aidan). This news about the impending Book 4 has made my entire afternoon. Many thanks for sharing your talent with booklovers and Austenites around the world. I’ll try not to hold my breath until Book 4, but I await!

  5. mamajake says:

    I am so happy you are writing book 4 in your “Gentleman” series! Because I enjoyed so much your version of events, along with the new characters you created, I know I would not be satisfied with any other author’s viewpoint of married life for Mr. And Mrs. Darcy. I hope it doesn’t take too long!

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