Your favorite P&P-inspired novel: a chance to vote

There’s a contest going on at, the Jane Austen Sequel Group, in which you may vote for your favorite Pride and Prejudice – inspired title. An Assembly Such as This is one of the contestants. If you are so inclined, I would be honored…


PS You will have to join the Jane Austen Sequel in order to vote, but it’s a great one to belong to and you have options to keep notices under control.

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3 thoughts on “Your favorite P&P-inspired novel: a chance to vote

  1. Lisa says:

    I voted! I loved your books, and I’m planning on buying a set of the Fitzwilliam Darcy books with Christmas gift money!

  2. Shekera says:

    I adore Jane Austin and have had the pleasure of reading Pride & Prejudice (my favorite) over a dozen times. I just discovered the Fritzwilliam Darcy series about two months ago and love them. The writing and background dreamed up for Darcy is simply fantastic.

    I beg of you to write, as I am sure my fellow Pride & Prejudice devotees agree, is an ‘epilogue’ story. What happened after the wedding, I want to see the spirited Eliza in the society that snubs her, how does she get on in Pemberley, how are Wickham & Lidia fairing, how does Darcy like his in-laws. I would make a wonderful, informative story; I have the greatest desire of knowing and your imagination could bring it to life!

  3. s holloway says:

    i think in your pride you took a beautiful, perfect book – “pride & prejudice” – & inserted an evangelical theory of which jane austen would be disgusted & amazed.

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